Additional Guidance from State Veterinarian for Boarding Facilities

In addition to the other guidelines from the State Veterinarian’s office, they also advise all boarding facilities (and any other operation that caters to outside clients of any kind) to cease all unnecessary operations and activities and close their facilities to all but essential staff. If a facility has clients that engage in self-care for their horses these individuals are allowed to come to the facility for horse care activities ONLY. Moving forward, the facility should have clients communicate with each other and staff to develop a schedule in which there is a minimal number of individuals at the facility at any given time. If a client has a horse on full or partial care (who’s needs are being met), those individuals are asked to not visit the facility. In addition, if it is possible to decrease the amount of staff in order to minimize the number of individuals coming and going from a facility, an employer is asked to do so.