To increase awareness of the benefits of Kentucky’s horse economy and to promote jobs and economic opportunities for Kentuckians through the Commonwealth’s world-class horse industry.



  • Educate the public and key state constituencies about the benefits that the entire horse industry provides to all sectors of Kentucky’s economy.
  • Maintain a state grassroots network involving Kentucky’s horse economy in all 120 counties.
  • Build a state coalition of diverse organizations supporting Kentucky’s horse economy.

Encourage the development of a pro-jobs and economic opportunities agenda for the Kentucky horse economy to include:

  • Increased state advocacy and promotion of the Kentucky horse industry.
  • Initiatives to stimulate jobs and economic growth through economic incentives and tax reform to solidify Kentucky’s horse economy leadership to attract new horse industry interests to the state.
  • Expansion of existing state horse economy programs for all breeds, such as the Kentucky Breeder’s Incentive Program, to encourage ownership of Kentucky-bred horses.