Kentucky’s horse industry by the numbers…

$23.4 billion: Value of equines and assets across Kentucky.

$6.5 billion: Annual state impact of the horse industry.

$177 million: Paid to breeders of Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds and non-race breeds from the Kentucky Breeders’ Incentive Fund since 2006.

$103 million: Produced by historical horse racing contributing to purses, breeding incentives, other industry programs and the General Fund since September 2011.

238,000: Equines (including mules and donkeys) in Kentucky.

$200,000: Invested by KEEP and the horse industry, in partnership with the KY Chamber of Commerce, to initiate a data-driven assessment of labor needs for the horse industry.

Nearly 80,000: Direct and indirect jobs.

35,000: Operations with at least one horse.

17,368: Thoroughbred mares bred to 227 Kentucky Thoroughbred stallions in 2016.

8,404: Live foals born in Kentucky in 2016, accounting for 37.4 percent of the North American Thoroughbred foal crop.

4,808: Active stallions among non-race breeds.

55%: Share of Thoroughbreds born in North America in 2016 sired by Kentucky stallions.

#1: United States producer of horses, creating an economic engine impacting all of the Commonwealth’s citizens.

Sources: Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, The Jockey Club, Kentucky Department of Travel, UK

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